dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Time to look back...

Hi everyone!

I promised you I would be back soon, so here I am! Not as soon as I wanted though (on the 1st of August), but hey, guess my life will never change: always busy, but having lots of fun. But I'm here now, so let's get started and let's look back at the past half year. Do you remember me making good intentions on the 1st of January (actually, it was the on 4th of January, but let's not get lost in details)?
Well, this is a nice moment to see how I have been doing until now. Let me refresh your memory (and mine). This is what I wrote on the 4th of January:

This year, I want to
  • drink at least a bottle of water a day
  • eat at least one piece of fruit a day
  • read more books, starting with 'Overdressed' by Elizabeth Cline
  • buy more consciously thanks to that book
  • prefer quality over quantity
  • sew more clothes myself
  • wear all the clothes in my dressing
  • save up for my own Céline handbag
  • send more handwritten cards
  • watch more movies
  • restart my workout routine
  • and last but not least: write at least one blogpost a week!

And now, let's see what I actually managed to do until now:

  • drink at least a bottle of water a day - FAILED
The problem is that I'm just not a thirsty person. And when I'm thirsty, I usually prefer other drinks over water... When I go to work (so, in my case, when I go to school), I always carry a bottle of water with me, but I often forget to drink it. I don't have any health problems at the moment, but I'd still want to drink more water. Recently, I read about something that could really help me to reach my goal: the BluFit Bottle. The BluFit Bottle is a drinking bottle that is connected to your smartphone and that records your drinking habits and reminds you regularly to drink. The only problem:the company that developed the BluFit Bottle is still searching for crowdfunding to finance the production of the bottles. I'm following everything on their Facebook page. Hopefully, there will be more news soon.

  • eat at least one piece of fruit a day - FAILED
And again... the problem is that sometimes, I'm just too busy... That is a lousy excuse, I know, but I'm doing this whole lookback-thing to stay aware of all the things I still have to work on.

  • read more books, starting with Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline - FAILED
I want to continue reading the book and now I have the time to read the book, but... I can't find the book. I took it on our skiing trip and I don't remember where I've put it afterwards. So, a new intention: find my book before the end of this week

  • buy more consciously, thanks to that book - CHECK
I do buy more consciously, I really do. I still buy lots of clothes, but I've stopped buying 'just because it's on sale'. I only buy things that I really really want.

  • prefer quality over quantity - CHECK
There is still some work to do, because as I said, I still buy a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories, but the last couple of months, I definitely bought more classic quality stuff. By the way - memo-to-me-, I still have to show you my latest sale purchases!!

  • sew more clothes myself - CHECK
At the moment, I'm not sewing that much, because I'm a lot outside, enjoying summer. But I still have some sewing plans for this summer and in September, my sewing classes start again. I have already  made 7 garments myself (in 9 months time), which is 7 times more than I had ever expected myself to do.

  • wear all the clothes in my dressing - IT'S COMPLICATED
Tomorrow (and maybe on Friday, too...), I plan to clean out my dressing. I'm so looking forward to it, because I find it very relaxing and it's so nice to see all my treasures again! At the moment, I don't really know if I have already worn every piece in my closet (probably not, since I've recently bought some new things), but I'll give you an update on this later this week or next week.

  • save up for my own Céline handbag - ALMOST CHECK!!!
I'm sooooo close to purchasing this beauty... More about this soon!

  • write more handwritten cards - FAILED
Oops, I totally forgot about this one. Well, I will send a lot of christmas cards at the end of the year...

  • watch more movies - FAILED
I prefer writing a blogpost in the evening... Sorry! ;-)

  • restart my workout routine - CHECK
I did. Since... yesterday. But I did! More about this one of these days.

  • and last but not least: write at least one blogpost a week - ALMOST CHECK
When I look at the past months, I have to say that it wasn't that bad... Only June was really catastrophic (exams!), but I managed to write at least 3 blog posts a month. I still want to do better than that, that's why I'm still writing this post, although it's already late. :-)

That's it for now. But I will be back soon, very soon... I promise!

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