zaterdag 8 februari 2014

My january sales purchases

Last week, I promised you to show you all the things I bought during past winter sales. I also told you that I've been a really good girl this time, so today I will prove you that it's true. Since I am fascinated by sewing dresses myself, I'm less interested in buying them, so this time, I didn't get myself one single dress! I especially invested in tops and knitwear, because I haven't made tops so far (although I want to start doing that really soon) and because at the moment I prefer sewing over knitting (but in my wildest dreams, I end up making all my clothes myself). And I bought myself a coat. And not just a coat. A Burberry one.

In fact, the coat is a real investment piece. I fell in love with it in Paris last summer. I was looking for a parka for quit some time and last summer, in Paris, I made the big mistake of walking into the Burberry store. And there it was: the parka of my dreams, and which was even more important: my hubby loved it too, and he really isn't into parkas. I decided to resist the temptation of buying it immediately and to wait for the sales and let faith decide: if the coat was still there in my size, that would be an omen, if it wasn't, then it just wouldn't be meant to be. And guess what… Sales started and my coat was still there. And when God sends you such clear signals, you just have to obey, don't you? So meet my new Burberry treasure, my second one, after the lace trench that I got myself last year.

Burberry parka with detachable shearling hood lining,
detachable raccoon trim and detachable
 Burberry Parka - back

My Burberry Lace Trench Coat

Lace Trench Coat Burberry
Picture: Burberry

Don't have to tell you that I'm very proud of my two Burberry babies. I absolutely adore that brand!

Let me show you the knitwear that I bought. As I'm always cold, I am always looking for new cardigans and nice and warm materials. I found two cardigans that are all me: a black one with lace from Zara and a raspberry one with a sparkly gold thread from the Belgian brand Mer du Nord.

Black cardigan with lace - Zara

raspberry cardigan - Mer du Nord

I also managed to buy two sweaters that were on my radar for a long time at a strongly reduced price: this beautiful wool sweater with beige collar from Edith & Ella, and a silk and wool combination from Talking French (love the stars on it!):

Wool sweater with collar - Edith & Ella

Silk and wool mustard top with stars - Talking French


Back detail

And finally I got myself three tops: the two from Fracomina that I've already shown you in an earlier post and a cute long-sleeved black top with collar from Mer du Nord.

Flowered top - Fracomina

Top with sequins - Fracomina


Long-sleeved top with collar - Mer du Nord

Collar detail

That makes a total of 8 pieces, and for me, that's really modest. Hope I can keep up the good work!


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  1. Prachtige aankoopjes! Jouw kledingkast moet ondertussen echt indrukwekkend zijn! :)

  2. Hihi. Laat ons zeggen dat het een dressing is… ;-)